Q. Are you are a NZ owned company?

A. Yes, absolutely! We are a family owned business based in Whangarei, NZ with a professional team of helpful staff.

Q. How do you assess the value of my Gold?

A. We will test your items to assess the Carat and Weight value of the gold.

Q. What about the Gemstones or Diamonds in my item?

A.  As buyers of gold jewellery, unfortunately these stones are of no value in the second hand gold trade. For stones that you may wish to keep, they can be removed and returned to you for a set fee of $25.

Q. Why should I choose you and not another gold dealer?

A. We are a small team and provide personalised service

  • We are licenced second hand dealers, therefore 100% trustworthy.
  • We are a NZ owned company – Support Local!
  • We are Manufacturing Jewellers so we REALLY know the true cost of gold. We believe that other second hand dealers that trade mainly in electronics aren’t quite as experienced with the fluctuating rate of gold. We will give you the most competitive price available.

Q. Is Global Gold a New Zealand owned company?

A. Yes, Global Gold is a family owned business which is based in Whangarei.  The professional team members are each qualified to assist you with selling broken gold or assisting you to sell gold jewellery that you may no longer wear.

Q. Can I trust Global Gold to sell my gold in a safe and secure manner?

A. It is important to us that you get the best opportunity to receive a competitive amount of cash for gold and the team members at Global Gold in Whangarei makes it their priority to handle your gold with the utmost care at all times.  As soon as you bring your gold into Global Gold, it will be safely assessed by our experienced jewellers, Global Gold can buy gold on the spot.

Q. How do you assess the value of my gold?

A. As registered gold buyers, we keep up to date with the New Zealand gold price and will test your items to assess the carat and weight of the gold that you supply us.  Once your gold has been tested for carat purity and weight, you can rest assured that as registered jewellery buyers, Global Gold will be able to offer you the best price for your unwanted gold jewellery.  

Q. Why should I choose to deal with Global Gold over another gold buyer?

A. The small, friendly, local team of gold buyers based in Whangarei will give you cash for jewellery at the best rates available.As licensed second hand dealers, you can sell broken jewellery or unwanted gold jewellery with the assurance that you are dealing with reputable jewellers.  As an NZ owned business, you know you are supporting local families and because you are dealing with qualified jewellers, you know that they really know the true cost of gold and will give you the most competitive price for your gold jewellery.